Historic rock concerts and celebrated pop stars – more than 130 top artists will perform at Tullikamari and Tavara-asema!

Banneri, jossa valkoisella pohjalla mustavalkoisia artistien kuvia. Valokuvissa Ellinoora, Aki Tykki, Popeda ja Erja Lyytinen. Bannerin reunoilla mustia ja punaisia graafisia elementtejä. Keskellä Tavara-aseman ja Tullikamarin logot sekä teksti "Kevät 2024".

In 2024, the atmospheric venues Pakkahuone and Klubi will host artists such as charismatic Janna, beloved jazz duo Lassy-Eskola, viking metal superstar Peyton Parrish, and Jesse Markin, who is currently working on his new album. At Tavara-asema, a tattoo festival and a second-hand event with focus on children’s clothes will take place.

Tullikamari and Tavara-asema have launched a wide range of events for the upcoming year. In total, more than 130 top artists will perform at the Tampere venues during the spring and summer – and new gigs are constantly announced!

On the stage of the legendary Tullikamari, we will see performances by the British rock giant The Darkness, Ellinoora who is known for her powerful voice, as well as Jesse Markin, a multi-genre artist who has already gained international success. At Tavara-asema, which won the venue of the year award recently, the audience will be entertained by positive Portion Boys, beloved songwriter Antti Autio, and progressive rock band Saimaa that plans to release new music soon – just to name a few of the upcoming gigs.

“A lot of sold-out events took place at our venues in 2023. This year, the same pace seems to continue. Among the artists performing for full audiences are already Kaija Koo, one of the most successful Finnish artists, as well as ibe who is known as the voice of his generation, and Don Huonot that will be returning to stage after a long pause. One could certainly say that Tampere is strengthening its position as the number one city for live music”, says Janne Laurila, program manager of Tampereen Kulttuurikamari.

Legendary tours and international cult bands

The event calendar is filled with many more top groups and interesting new artists. Tavara-asema, a venue that recently celebrated its first anniversary, will host artists like Suvi Teräsniska, Pete Parkkonen, Erja Lyytinen, Neljä Ruusua, Atomirotta, Klamydia, Ursus Factory, A. W. Yrjänä, Huora, 22-Pistepirkko, and Michael Monroe.

“We will also be witnessing a series of historical rock evenings. In March and April, Tavara-asema will provide a stage for the sold-out Herra Mirandos concert of Hector, the 50th anniversary concert of Kaseva as well as Popeda’s first gig with their new singer Olli Herman”, Laurila lists.

At Tullikamari, the stages of Pakkahuone and Klubi will be graced by Janna, JVG, Erika Vikman, Lasten Hautausmaa, Uniklubi, Jonne Aaron, F, MELO, Aknestik, Aki Tykki as well as Johanna Kurkela and Johanna Iivanainen. Long-awaited international guests include Kebnekajse (SWE), known as the number on band of Sweden in the 1970s, and post-rock group Godspeed You! Black Emperor (CAN).

During the spring, blues rock master Walter Trout (USA), jazz artists Timo Lassy and Jukka Eskola, and beloved timba band Papucho y Su Manana Club (CUB) will take the stage as well. In addition, there is plenty of choice for metal music lovers. The Tampere venues will host Cradle of Filth (GBR), known as the top name of gothic metal, as well as German heavy metal band U.D.O. (DEU) and viking metal superstar Peyton Parrish (USA) – not to mention the domestic masters from Mokoma to Turmion Kätilöt.

New nightclubs and cultural events for families

At Tavara-asema, the K40-discos have become wildly popular. Now the atmospheric venue introduces two new nightclubs – first of them being Sata Salamaa, an evening that presents the gems of Finnish disco music. The other one is TEKNOASEMA that focuses entirely on electronic music. At Tullikamari, Big Pop and other classic nightclubs are complemented by the queer-themed Club Nylon.

New kind of events will take place in Tampere as well. At the beginning of February, the two-day Tampere Tattoo & Art Fest will gather tattoo fans at Tavara-asema. Soon after that, the historic venue will host a Moomin concert suitable for the whole family: Benny Törnroos & Muumipeikon Tähtihetki. In addition, the popular Tavara-asema Second Hand will focus on children’s clothes in March.

“We want to respond to the public’s wishes which is why we are now launching a second-hand theme event for kids. The popular Tavara-asema Second Hand for adults will return in May as well! In addition, we will continue active accessibility work at both of our venues. We are currently developing new events and operating models, which we will be able to share more about during the spring”, sums up Kristiina Paananen, marketing and sales manager of Tampereen Kulttuurikamari.

Summer brings indie stars to Tampere

The highlight of the upcoming summer at Tavara-asema will be Uusi Tampere. The belowed festival has transformed into a series of five events that brings the top names of Finnish indie music to the city from June to August. Headlining the Uusi Tampere evenings will be Eevil Stöö & Stepa, DJ Kridlokk, Malla, pehmoaino, Ruusut, Paperi T, Maustetytöt, Litku Klemetti, Scandinavian Music Group & Ikuiset ystävät, and Yona. Each evening also features a new, interesting artists and a top DJ, as well as delicious food.

At Tullikamari, the traditional midsummer celebration Valtteri Festival will take place in June – more information on the artists is coming soon! For true rock fans, the highlight of the summer will be the evening of 24th August at Pakkahuone. In this special concert, the top three bands of the Finnish National Rock Championship 1984, Peer Günt, Kolmas Nainen, and Keba, will take the same stage once again!

Tickets for all Tullikamari and Tavara-asema concerts are sold by Tiketti.

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