To 5/9/2024

Crashdïet (SWE)21:00

The Vantages19:45

  • Klubi
  • K18
  • alk. 25€
  • Ovelta 28€
  • Ovet 19:00

Tämä keikka on siirto 14.9.2023 peruuntuneesta keikasta. Sille hankitut liput käyvät sellaisenaan.

Wild, loud and always the right dose of Sleaze - Crashdïet is known for keeping the Rock’n’Roll spirit alive. After the successful release of their latest album “Automaton”, the quartet from Sweden finally returns to Finland for three headline shows. Thus the band will be performing in Tampere, Turku and Helsinki in September 2023. On board as support will be the promising young rock act The Vantages from Helsinki.

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