To 7/3/2024

John Lindberg Trio (SWE)21:00

Rockhouse Strutters 19:45

Gary Hilland Trio & DJ Slim Mike 18:45

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John Lindberg Trio finally back in Finland! This Powerhouse Rock n´Roll Trio will make their return to finish soil in Mars 2024, with three concerts! With 9 albums and millions of streams you’re in for a treat!

JLT has been one of the hardest working bands in Sweden for years. They've played every single rock club in the country worthy of the name. If there is a stage and electricity, they were most likely there! This powerhouse trio has taken Sweden by storm.

Since 2006 they have released 9 albums, the last 5 albums of which have all entered the Swedish album charts in the top 10 and their fan base is growing week by week. JLT are never afraid to experiment with the influences they come across. Although they are firmly rooted in the rockabilly/rock & roll tradition of the 50s, their music is contemporary. As a result, JLT has created an outstanding sound of their own. Current album "Are You For Real?" has already been released and will of course be performed live on the road among of many of the bands classic songs. JLT's live performance is an energetic, high-octane boost and no matter where they play, JLT becomes the talk of the town.

Don't miss them!!!

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