Lunch Buffet 11,30 €
Soup & Salad 9,90 €

Klubi serves buffet lunch from on weekdays at 10.30–14.00. Lunch includes a plentiful salad bar, a warm main course and bread baked in-house. For dessert, there is coffee or tea with a little sweet something. The menu also always includes a soup option as well as a vegan main course option.

Klubi offers a free Lunch Pass, available in the Cardu mobile app. Get your Lunch Pass stamped when purchasing lunch, and your tenth lunch will be free! Klubi’s lunches can also be paid with Ticket Lounas, Smartum Lounaspassi, Eazybreak and E-Passi.

We are happy to prepare for large group dinings in advance, please contact us at janne(at)

Week 39

  • Monday 25.9.
    Meatballs & pepper sauce GF,LF
    Veggie balls & chili Dip VEG,GF
    Mashed potatos VEG,GF
    Creamy seasonal Mushroom soup GF,LF

  • Tuesday 26.9.
    Tandoori chicken & mint yogurt GF,LF
    Beetroot steaks & mint yogurt VEG,GF,MF
    Lemon rice VEG,GF
    Carrot soup VEG,GF

  • Wednesday 27.9.
    Smoked salmon cannelon & parmesan LF
    Spinach cannelon & paramesan VEG,MF
    French onion soup VEG,GF

  • Thursday 28.9.
    Breaded Chicken steaks & mushroom sauce LF
    Veggie steaks & mushroom sauce VEG,MF
    Roasted potatos with herbs VEG,GF
    Roots soup VEG,GF,MF

  • Friday 29.9.
    Hot Dogs buffet
    Smokey BBQ pork, sausages & veggie sausages (GF) MF
    Hot tomato sausage soup GF,LF


Tullikamari’s terraces welcome you to enjoy delicious food and hot and cold refreshments! Aurinkoterassi on the side of the Tampere railway station and the north terrace on the side of the Klubi are open according to the Klubi’s opening hours.


Tullikamari’s lunch and in-house catering services are brought to you by Brocco Ltd. A local catering company, Brocco Catering will make sure that the catering services are perfectly tailored to meet your needs in an event of any size. Event-specific setting and service, special requests – and above all, delicious and memorable meals from high-quality ingredients. For more information, see

When your event needs catering, please contact our sales service myynti(at)